Transform your smile with Dr. Burton at Midtowne Smiles

Porcelain Veneers

Unlike a dental crown that is made to replace the top of a tooth, veneers are thin, but durable, shells bonded to the front of a tooth. Though they may initially seem like camouflage, they are a hardwearing and functional part of your smile.

You can eat, drink, talk, and behave like normal with veneers, and yet they will mask or restore a long list of problems. Our patients have used porcelain veneers to address broken or chipped teeth, gapped or misaligned smiles, badly stained or discolored teeth, and even to remedy a smile in which teeth are too small or spaced unevenly. We offer two types of veneers – Empress and EMax, and though both are premium brands, the optimal choice is going to be based on your particular needs. Veneers are usually painless and often a straightforward procedure. 

Teeth Whitening

There are so many reasons that our teeth become discolored, and whether it is due to time, food, or habits like smoking, we might begin hiding our smiles because we are so upset by the looks of our teeth. We offer one of the most effective systems for teeth whitening available known as ZOOM! It relies on blue light technology that interacts with a special gel and can lighten the teeth by many shades in just a single visit. 

Though you can easily find many over the counter remedies for discolored teeth, these rarely provide the kind of results that professional-grade products can, and since it is the top esthetic concern of many dental patients, it is best to work directly with Dr. Burton to get the results you truly desire.

SNAP Digital Imaging

SNAP Digital Imaging

The Latest Technology

Would you like to see “before and after” images of your dental work even before it begins? Dr. Burton can take all of your needs and create a customized image that shows what the effects of your chosen treatments will look like when completed.

After taking a high resolution digital image of your “before” teeth and gums, the SNAP technology applies all of the changes that Dr. Burton believes are possible and creates an "after" image so you can visualize the results. 

Inman Aligner and Clear Braces


We are proud to introduce a new and cost-effective cosmetic dentistry procedure that is taking the U.S. by storm – the Inman Aligner. Developed in Europe, this revolutionary removable orthodontic appliance transforms crowded teeth in just a matter of weeks! (The average treatment time is just 4-16 weeks).It is a clear plastic retainer with two spring loaded aligning bars that fit easily over the front four teeth - watch the video above to see how it works. 

Unlike a regular brace, the Inman Aligner provides a constant gentle pressure on crowded or protruding anterior the teeth, easing them back into place far more quickly. Surprisingly, this pressure is the quickest way to move teeth but it also makes treatment very safe and kind to teeth. It is easy to use and can be inserted and removed at any time, allowing eating and brushing to continue as normal. Once teeth have moved to the desired position, a very discreet retainer holds them in place, so they remain in their new position.


Do you ever look at photographs of yourself and become uncomfortable and self-conscious because you don't like how your teeth appear? Maybe you don’t even look at photos because you already dislike your smile. If so, there are some remarkable solutions available now, and all of them can be found in a “smile makeover” by Dr. Burton. 

With the use of SNAP Instant Dental Imaging system, Dr. Burton can quickly create a “before and after” image of your teeth and gums to provide a point-by-point evaluation of the issues that bother you and show what your smile could look like. A custom plan will be developed based on your needs. With a combination of restorative and cosmetic work such as inlays or onlays, implants, porcelain crowns, bridges, bonding, veneers, ZOOM whitening and clear braces, we can can get you on your way to a bright and healthy smile!